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This is a short story I wrote on a complete whim and is meant purely as a "what if" kind of story, so don't come yelling to me when you see what I've written. XD Yes, it's...different, but that's what makes it so special! :-D Everyone has to write something smutty from time to time, it's like...a right of writing, haha. I don't really write smut that often so you'll have to excuse me if I don't go into great detail in the story, that's where your imaginations come in. Have fun! ~_^

Title: Hogwarts: Who's your daddy?
Genre: Humor/Fantasy
Rating: Fiction Rated: PG-13 (NOT work friendly or kid friendly...)
Summary: The trio follow the Weasley twins into the forbidden forest
and enter the fantastic world of "Hogwhores". What's a young wizard
or witch to do when they find their own teachers in less than dignified
situations? Enjoy it while it lasts and take notes. XD

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