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rickman_love's Journal

Alan Rickman's psycho zombie hoes.
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Yeah yeah, I know there are at least two or three other Alan Rickman-loving communities out there, but I couldn't resist! The guy's a babe, even though he's old enough to be my father. XD


-No fighting, bickering or complaining about the fact that we like lusting over an older man or anything dumb like that. Anyone who does this will be laughed at and then banned. :)

-If you're going to post a large image, fanart or fanfic about Mr. Rickman, do make sure that it's behind an LJ-cut. My computer will explode if you don't. :(

-Quizzes involving Alan Rickman are very nice, but anything off-topic of the community will
be deleted as well as a good smack upside the head. (However, I'll make an exception if the quiz involves gay sex. xD) Also, only post the quiz once. Quiz esults MUST be placed in the comment thread of that particular post or they WILL be deleted!

-No begging for LJ-codes or soliciting any kind of stupid claims community or whatever. We don't like that. Those guilty will be banned.

-Have fun, be perverted, or you will be banned. XD

Contact the moderaters sakai_bara or cheesechild if you have any layout/icon ideas, questions, comments, or death threats.